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             Ubud, Indonesia 2017

               The series includes a variety of Totem-like figures,
               deriving from the concept of the “Totem” as it was
               introduced to the artist in the island of Bali. Totems
               are spirit beings or sacred objects and are used as
               symbols for guidance in life, they grand you luck, love,
               good health and protection while holding specific
               religious attributes depending upon their narrative and
               place of creation. The Totem-like figures are seen in an
               imaginary way by the artist, within a context of colors
               and shapes that each one narrates a story, were the
               idea of the totem exists between the figures that
               emerge and nature, designed in a unique, radiant way,
               Their design is also related to the philosophy that a
               totem is subjective and connects differently to
               each person.